"Shell" by A. Adasinskiy

Rarity. A 71-page collection of WORDS by Anton Adasinsky. An author's, very sparse edition, tied together by a thin rope. Some stories, essays and poems are included in Anton's new work "The Freezing Point", some are songs for the new album "Robert's Town".
And some will remain hidden in the book.



The first "full-length" album by Anton and Positive Band. Recorded and mixed by Vadim Tverdyukov. Expensive authentic equipment from the 80s was bought for this. Nikolai Gusev did the mastering in the unique village Atomino-Studio in Erfurt.
The Man Kissing the Bottom of the Boat
All the music on this album is an intricate journey within one voice - Elena Yarova's voice. The mixing and mastering on analogue equipment is by Daniel Adasinsky.
Unique work, mastering and mixing by Dimitri Abramov. He's the sound engineer. And three other tracks on this album were recorded by himself. The album was written on tour, in hotels, in the car. This is the music of Roma Dubinnikov. His worthy and masterful finale to our creative relationship. Roma worked with Derevo since 1988. Thanks for the energy and help from Tanya Khabarova
Meeting our ancestors
A "know-it-all" event in Goethe Institute Park. An explosion of energy and instant "on-the-spot" music by Daniels Williams. All played and recorded directly at the performance.
Daniel Williams' album based on his own compositions for Derevo's most physical, corporeal performance, Ketzal. One of Daniel's best works in his long odyssey with our company.
Nature Morte
Igor Timofeev - guitarist from Positive Band and Daniel Williams have created a magnificent soundscape in the historic Dresden Underground. German-Russian-Scottish project Derevo. This music belongs to that day and will remain there.


This is a photo by Elena Yarova. On an ancient Canon G1 camera. Lena is the main visual designer of all Derevo performances. The left-hand pages of the album are blank. There she asks all the lucky owners to WRITE POEMS.
The visual part of the performance is so powerful that not typing these instants into the paper would have been simply unforgivable. Lena asked Anton to write 19 phrases without showing the album. Everyone hit the mark on every page.
Edinburgh is here. A daily battle at the festival. We were stars that year. But for some reason we went to Georgia. Georgia amazed us and made us shoot the film "South. The Border".
Elena Yarova's best work. Both design and acting. The luminous performance of Harlequin.
Without a single word. Everything we couldn't say - Anton wrote in this book.
Derevo in Dresden
This book is amazing. How much a company of seven can do! In theatres, in the meadows, in the historic untouched lake, on huge stages... All of Derevo's most powerful works were created in Dresden. Some projects you will definitely never see again.
Well... At least in pictures.


South. Border

The Derevo group has created a marvellous performance - the fairytale " South. Border".
It was performed several times and we realised that it should be a movie. Without finishing the premieres, Derevo stopped the theatrical work, and for six months they ''went into filming''. The film was shot on tape, 16mm. Therefore, editing took another year. Here is the result.
Available in German, Russian, English and Polish.

21 DAY


Those who have bought  the course (rather than copied from an acquaintance) can expect to have a personal conversation with Anton. If the questions are posed correctly.

"....I have gone out in front of the camera on so many occasions to study and talk to people I haven't seen. Suspecting that the Japanese camera didn't understand Russian well, I tried to speak slowly and legibly. This two-month workshop summed up something in my life inside me. Something connected in the right way. I realized that this is my life, my exercises, my school, and that's why I am me outside and inside..." A. Adasinskiy

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