Director, actor, choreographer, musician, founder and head of the DEREVO theatre.

Anton Aleksandrovich Adasinsky was born on April 15, 1959 in the Krasnodarsky region of the USSR. His mother - Galina Antonovna Adasinskaya (1921-2009) - was the granddaughter of Mensheviks M. I. Broido and E. L. Broido. Second cousin - British rock critic and journalist Nick Cohn.

He trained at the Studio Theatre of V. Polunin, worked with Litsedei. From 1985 to 1988 performed in the band AVIA (vocals, pantomime, trumpet, guitar). Participated in shooting of Alexey Uchitel's documentary "Rock" (1987). In 1988 organized the theatre "Derevo" in Leningrad, which he leads to the present day. After several years of work in Leningrad-St. Petersburg, the DEREVO theatre was based in Prague, Florence, Amsterdam. Since 1997 DEREVO is based in Dresden, Germany, and has had a full-time rehearsal studio.

In 2001, Anton Adasinsky performed the role of Drosselmeyer in the ballet The Nutcracker at the Mariinsky Theatre (staged by Mikhail Shemyakin).

In the last few years he has renewed his performances with AVIA in the roles of soloist, leader of the physical band, trumpeter, bassist and guitarist.

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March 20,21

19.00, 12:00

Кино-мюзикл "Золото" МХАТ им. Горького

A collaborative project with the Gorky Moscow Art Theatre, Anton Adasinsky, Marina Landa and Sergey Vasiliev Children's Musical Theatre and Positive Band

"Gold" is a musical written by Anton Adasinsky.

Read more about the performance HERE
Feb. 5


concert VIA "AVIA"

"Ryumochnaya" in Zyuzino.

Moscow, 21 Bolotnikovskaya St., bld. 3

Feb. 2
12.00 (msk)

online lecture of A. Adasinsky in POROKH (theatre AKHE)

A. Adasinsky's lecture-demonstration (Derevo Laboratorium) as part of AKHE's 'Laboratory Actions'.
"The Running Boar" - Seven tools of influencing the human psyche in the theatrical space.
"Actor or Performer" - Analysis of delusions.

link in Zoom
Conference ID: 875 0942 9696
Access code: 865382

Jan. 19

Farewell to Joop Mulder

Joop meant a lot for many people.
The funeral will take place in a private circle. In the meantime, you can watch a film with memories of Joop via the link. The film will also be available for viewing for some time after the funeral.
Jan. 30
20.00 (msk)

The guest of the Filmclub is Mikhail Shemyakin

Anton and Mikhail will have a talk about the "Nutcracker" ballet at the Mariinsky Theatre.
Dec 1-6

International school/laboratory led by Anton Adsinsky

Nov. 13

REINHEIT. online

Mezdunarodowy Festival Sztuki Mimu. Warsaw. Poland
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